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Relaxing holidays in Nea Kallikratia: how to travel to & around Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki for an easy-going experience

Ensure your Halkidiki holidays run smoothly before, during, and after your arrival with helpful insight in travelling to and around Nea Kallikratia. Feel a sense of ease upon learning the straightforward accessibility of Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa, as well as the leisurely ways to travel around the area throughout your stay. Let transportation and movement be things you never need to stress about during your relaxing Grecian getaway. Be fully equipped to travel to and around a beautiful slice of paradise and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Traveling to Nea Kallikratia

Reaching your holiday destination should be uncomplicated, and luckily Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa has an ideal geographical location that makes this possible. Located less than 45 minutes outside of the bustling city centre of Thessaloniki, Nea Kallikratia in Greece is easily accessible. So whether you are travelling from afar and reach Thessaloniki by plane or you’re taking the scenic drive to the hotel from your home, the final stretch of the journey is bound to be a breeze.

Arrive by plane in Thessaloniki

Newly renovated and a direct connecting hub from several European cities, travels via Thessaloniki ‘Makedonia’ Airport (SKG) are a pleasant experience. Upon arrival, the hotel is about 30 km from the airport, which you can reach via car or taxi. The airport is right off Motorway 24, making for a quick transfer once you are on the highway. 

Drive the scenic route by car

Drive the scenic route by car

If you are travelling from abroad or from within the country, reaching the hotel is a simple task. When passing through northern Greece, merge onto Motorway 24, which starts near Thessaloniki’s city centre. About 10 minutes north of the hotel, hop off the main motorway in the village of Agios Pavlos and enjoy a leisurely drive on much smaller streets Eparch. Od. Neon Moudanion Thessalonikis street. Arrive at the hotel’s front entrance in no time.

Enjoy a complimentary hotel transfer

Discover the ultimate stress-free way to travel to Secret Paradise Hotel with a complimentary transfer from the airport. Upon arrival at SKG, be greeted by a friendly and professional hotel staff member who is ready to assist you with your luggage before whisking you off on your Halkidiki holidays. Eliminate the stress of logistics and planning when you opt for one of the most coveted offers available to guests of Secrete Paradise Hotel.

Moving around Nea Kallikratia

Even if you plan to spend much of your time during your leisurely holiday relaxing at the hotel, it is worth noting that travelling around the area is effortless in case you want to explore. Opt for various ways to get around quickly and easily, whether you are travelling with groups of friends or just your significant other. Get acquainted with Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki once you learn how stress-free transportation is in the area.

Take leisurely car rides

Especially for guests who travel to the hotel with their own vehicle, spending time driving your car around the area is safe and easy to navigate. The town is a great mixture of small town meets city conveniences, so the roads are well marked and not intimidating to drive through. Drive mere minutes towards the nearby sea, or make a quick drive to the many authentic restaurants and shops in the area during afternoons and evenings.

Be adventurous with a two-wheeled rental

Be adventurous with a two-wheeled rental

For experienced drivers of scooters, mopeds, or even motorcycles, cruising around the hotel’s area via a two-wheeled machine is a solid option. Especially in the summertime, it is one of the most popular and convenient ways to travel if you plan to make a quick jaunt down to the seaside. There is an abundance of vehicle rental places in the area if you would like to select such an option, but it is only recommended for people who have experience and confidence in their abilities.

Travel in organised groups

Due to its location right at the top of the first peninsula of Halkidiki, Secret Paradise Hotel is an excellent choice for visitors who are interested in organised group travel during their holidays. There are several travel agencies in the area who organise daily excursions in the area and beyond via bus, or even in small private groups in cars or vans. By getting out and travelling the area with an organised group, you have the opportunity to traverse the area without having to worry about navigating on your own.

Travel to & around Nea Kallikratia with ease and enjoy holidays at Secret Paradise Hotel to the fullest

Travel to & around Nea Kallikratia with ease and enjoy holidays at Secret Paradise Hotel to the fullest

Prepare for excellent holidays in Halkidiki when you stay at Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa. Conveniently located, it is easy to access whether you are travelling by car or plane at the start of your journey. Enjoy a location that is highly manageable to navigate via car, motorbike, or with an organised group and create memories of exploration to cherish forever. Book a room at Secret Paradise in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki and have the relaxing holidays you’ve been dreaming about.

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