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Body Treatments
Spa Center

Spa Center
At the  Spa Cener, you can enjoy exquisite treatments . Choose the treatment that best suits your needs and let us book it for you.

Aromatotherapy candle Massage

Perfumed candles, specifically processed and entiched with essential oils will scent your body by acting on your entire central nervous system.

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience through a specia beneficial massage for the smoothes skin you've ever had .

Durantion 50'

Hote Stones Massage

A massage 90' with hot volcanic stones. Based on Asian Techinques this massage will turn your chakras on, therefore releasing all the negative energy, accumated in your body and open ways for the incoming naturels positive energy. Full body restoration, tranquility and wellness in just one therapy.

Duration 90 '

Ancient Greek Mystic Massage 

Implemented with 2 therapists. Based on Hippocrate's techniques of therapeutic massage , combines cups with herbs and honey.

Rejuvenation, consolidation, relaxation and thorough skin care.

Durantion 60'