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Breakfast Room

For breakfast, we offer you traditional flavours with pure, local ingredients. Bougatsa, pies, Halkidiki honey and much more. At the Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa, breakfast will become an enjoyable habit. Aiming to satisfy your every need, we have created a special breakfast room.

Breakfast is served buffet-style in a uniquely decorated space offering a variety of traditional, excellent quality Greek products.

Breakfast service: 07:00-10:15

What we serve daily:

  • Fresh bread from the neighbourhood bakery - white, yellow, whole wheat and 4-grain. Baguette, loaf, ciabatta, French, and others.
  • Seasonal fruit and salads with seasonal vegetables, such as cabbage, tomatoes, etc.
  • Locally produced yoghurt in various flavours
  • Locally produced Macedonian feta cheese
  • Eggs from the neighbouring village
  • Kallikratia country sausage and other deli meats
  • Specially made traditional pies, such as cheese or cream bougatsa, cheese-spinach or plain cheese
  • Organic, locally produced honey, tahini and traditional homemade spoon sweets with cherry, fig, sour cherry, orange, grape, carrot, cocktail and mandarin - a perfect condiment for our traditional yoghurt.
  • A special traditional dish is our pot-cooked halva.
  • Marmalades and jams made from fig, orange, strawberry, cherry, apricot, peach, both in bulk and packaged.
  • Organically grown Halkidiki olive oil is used in our prepared products. Excellent Halkidiki olives are also available (3 types of green olive).
  • Breakfast also includes trahana and vegetable soup, as well as traditional couscous.
  • We also serve a standard selection of cereals: classic corn flakes, bran flakes, oat flakes with honey, chocolate corn flakes, oat muesli and fruit muesli.
  • For those who prefer hot tea, we offer green tea, green tea with basil, black tea, black tea with basil, black tea with orange and black tea with caramel.
  • Macedonia warm milk and of course Greek coffee brewed over heated sand (hovoli).