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How to Reach

Secret Paradise Hotel is located in a convininient location in Halkidiki, Kallikratia close to many major points of the area around and close to Thesssaloniki city.


Τhessaloniki Centre 35 km
Macedonia Airport 25 km
Petralona Cave 12 km
Nea Kallikratia Centre 500 meters


By Airplane

Halkidiki and N.Kallikratia, is served by the National Airport "MACEDONIA" of Thessaloniki that is connected on a daily basis with several flights with the biggest towns in Greece and Europe.

From the airport, it is easy by taxi or by bus number 79, take the direction for IKEA STOP. From there, bus N36 will take you to the Coach Station of Halkidiki. From there take the coach to N.Kallikratia.

When your reach to N.Kallikratia Coach Station, turn right from the station and go straight to the beach road. Once your reach the coastal road, turn left and at 200 meters you will get to the hotel, George Papandreou Street 11.

Urban transport costs 0.90 € proximately.
Bus ticket from Halkidiki Station to N. Kallikrátia costs 3, 90 €.

By Train

In Halkidiki, there is no train network.

Travelers coming by train either from other parts of Greece or from abroad arrive at the Train Station of Thessaloniki.

From the Train Station, either by taxi or by bus N 45, they can go to the Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL) in Thessaloniki and take the coach with bus N45 to Nea Kallikratia.

Train Station of Thessaloniki - Information
Tel. +30 2310 517517, 517518

By Coach

There are buses that run daily and several times throughout the year to and from Nea Kallikratia.
From Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL) bus N45 with direction of N.Kallikratia .

Information - Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL):
Nea Kallikratia Station, tel: +30 23990 21048
Thessaloniki Station, tel.: +30 231 0 924444, 924445

By Car (from Thessaloniki)

Follow the National Road Thessaloniki / N.Moudania, on your right you turn to the plate “N.Kallikratia/Agios Paulos”.

Past village Agios Paulos, and you reach to Nea Kallikratia.

When you enter the city, go straight and when having the City Hall on your left and an elementary school on your right, turn right and immediately left. Go straight down and when you reach the sea, turn left. In the coastal road we are 200 meters far.

If you have GPS:
Longitude Ν40 18΄36΄΄
Latitude Ε23 04΄05΄΄

For Help contact to : +030 23990 48555

For any more information do not hesitate to contact us. In Secret Paradise Hotel in Halkdiki we are always happy to serve you.

Amfitriti Spa Center

A unique luxurious Spa Centre decorated in Ancient Greek rhythm. Let yourself live a unique experience in a place harmonically designed with unique drawings of Ancient Greece and dreamy atmosphere!!!


Superb, comfort and luxury combined with a magnificent view of Thermaikos gulf and mountain Olympus. Relax in a warm and honey atmosphere of our excellent designed rooms.


The Hotel, provides conference Hall, in which can take place meetings and lectures. Basic equipment is provided and extra equipment if need according to the event that take place.